Saturday, December 5, 2009

200 bolts? Who ordered all this?

Wow! 200 bolts this week. I love the UPS man! I have to say it was a challenge to get all of the fabric put away. The good thing is that we keep clearing bolts and that makes way for new. Thanks to all the customers for helping us out.

We also put up a bunch of new quilts. Carol Nelson finished Birds and Bees. We had 5 kits this morning.. now we have 2. It is a darling quilt. Black and Tan.

Loretta Orsborn stopped by and brought in class samples for Playing with Textures and the Tuffet class. That's right I said Tuffet. It is so cute. A foot stool that is upolstered in patchwork. Loretta always has such great ideas.

I am putting the finishing touches on the new class list too. We are going to have so many fun classes after the first of the year. Way cool!

See you next time,

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