Friday, September 17, 2010

New Quilts

Lee was busy putting up new quilts this afternoon . I love changing the quilts. Hope you like the newest additions.

See you soon,


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ok I am a little late with the picture.

Here is the new Block of the Month. This is the white background colorway. There is also there is the black colorway which is the same block fabrics, just the background is black.
If you want to sign up you have until the 30th.
See you later,

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I just finished binding the Block of Month. Many thanks to Carol Nelson for working so hard on this quilt. Once I get it up on the wall I will take a picture and post it.
Ok my finger really does hurt. I think I need chocolate.
Later gators,


I always wait until I have a bunch of stuff to bind and then I sit there night after night binding. That sounds either lazy or wonderful depending on your point of view. From this side it is neither. It is one of those things I regret not doing on a regular basis.
My finger is sore. I know, use a thimble, duh. I do sometimes but I admit I loose them, the dogs chew them( I use leather thimbles when I can find them )or I just want to get started.
I like sewing without a thimble when my finger gets toughen up. That takes a few days of ouch. Once that middle finger gets tough then I can really fly( in a binding sense). If I would do it on a regular basis that callous would build and I would be done in no time.
Ok enough griping, I only have one more side to go and I can show it at 2nd Saturday. I should really stop blogging and get on with it. I' m going really, I mean it . Back to work. My finger is really sore. I need to get it done and stop whining. This time I mean it. Maybe if I could just find a thimble...

See you later,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I am totally uncool, I guess.

Once in a while I read other quilt shop's blogs. I should do it more often but I don't. I realized however, that I am not "with it". There is mention of a Justin Bieber, in one of the blogs. I had to ask Lauren what/who this was. I thought Bieber was a carpet style...wait that is Berber.

I do like to see what other shops do. Not to copy them, but admire what they have done. There is so much creativity in this world and a lot of it is in quilting.

Quilting is still thought of as something little old grandmas do. Funny, I am not a grandma (yet, but I am waiting) and the grandmas I know that quilt are fun, lively and very creative. Quilting isn't the rock star of the crafting/sewing world. I really don't care. I like being uncool. It is easier way to be. Then, if someone askes me if I like Beiber I can say, no, it gets pins stuck in it. They walk away cool and I get to sew. I am totally ok with that.

See you later,

Oh and by the way spell check wants to change Beiber to Berber. I guess he hasn't become as cool as carpet.