Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lauren's Graduation

Ok so it has been a long time since I have posted anything. We attended Lauren's graduation at Western Oregon. I get to brag just a little. She graduated Cum Laud with a BA in Anthropology. I am so proud of her. I remember when she was a newborn, I thought my little girl will go to college and study what she loves. I never finished.
She has become an amazing young women.
I have to say also I am very proud of my husband, Lee. He received his Master in computer systems management.
Next up is Mychal. I am proud him too. His day is coming in a couple of years.
I have a wonderful family and I am one lucky lady. Thanks for letting me brag on them a little.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

What a week!

Ok, so I have had better weeks. First, I fell in the shower and a concussion and black eye followed. Then I have to rewrite all the block of the month patterns because of a glitch. Alright enough of the poor, poor, pitiful me. I guess if I have learned something over the years is sometimes you win and sometimes you sing the blues but at least the blues don't stay forever.
I am glad i have so many wonderful friends and famliy that care about me. So I will take the good with the bad.
As for the block of the month; it will be ready on time but at least it was caught now instead of later.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What happened to your eye?

I know I am going to hear that a lot when I come back to work. Well, here is what happened:

I was in the shower on Saturday and I had a hot flash. Next thing I know I am on the shower floor telling Lee, "I don't know how I got here." Long story short i have a concussion. I have been home taking it easy while my wonderful family and friends run the store. They have done a terrific job. I feel very lucky to have these great people in my life. They have bossed me around to take care of myself.

Thank you all for you kind words and concern. A special thanks to all that helped at the shop and even those who told me to stay home. Just goes to show quilters are wonderful people.

See you soon,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ok Here is the deal

First off, Happy St. Patrick's day!
Now here is what is on sale starting tomorrow: All regular priced fabric is 25% off and all clearance fabric and items are an additional 15% off.
That is the way to celebrate national Quilting Day! No coupons no jumping through hoops just straight up good deals. So let the fun begin! Quilting is one of the best things you can do. It is fun, artistic and practical. Oh I could go on but... I think I will go to my sewing room and see what trouble I can get in to.
See you soon,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

50 bolts of fabric

Wow! We have been unpacking fabric. The Northcott solids arrived on Monday. They are so nice. It makes me want to do a solid quilt. No wait. Penelope came in. Ooo la la French inspired fabric... No wait... My Asian Garden from Northcott. Yellows and purples... Wait... Izzy flannel. Argh.... Micheal Miller's tulips... no......wait more Kona Bay Asian..Aghh.. Vintage Postcards. You get the point. Lots and lots of fabric has come through the door.

Time to shake things up. Out with the old and in with the new. That means lots of new stuff on clearance.
So what about what is coming up for National Quilting Day? Oh I will let you know very soon, but not now... Stay tuned

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy St Pat's Day, and National Quilting Day

Ok I am a little early. The way things have been going lately it is a nice change of pace.
I had a great time with the girls on Sunday at Trends. It is fun to be able to go with everyone and see new stuff. Nice for the ladies I work with to get some hot deals too. I feel very lucky to have to such talented people around me. It helps me be more creative in return.

So what is happening for National Quilting day? Oh I think there might be something nice at the store in a way of a.......... hmmm maybe it is too early. I think I will talk about it in the newsletter instead and then post it. :)

See you later,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl Weekend SALE

Just a quick post about the sale.

10% off kits
15% off regular priced fabrics
20% off clearence

Jake, my little white Scottie is fussing so have a great weekend. Go Packers!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lauren's blog

Lauren has a new blog. It is about her quilting journey. I think you will like it so I have added to blogs I like.
For those who don't know Lauren is my daughter. She has been very artistic all her life. I happy to say that she has fallen in love with quiting and fiber arts. I hope you will give her blog a look and see what she is up to.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stitches in Bloom

I just got home from the Stitches in Bloom show. Tonight was the preview night. I had a great time looking at the quilts. So many beautiful quilts.
I love the inspiration that looking at other's quilts. One of my favorites was a Lone Star done with Asian prints. It was stunning.
I stopped by Marsha McCloskey's booth and had a nice visit with her. I am so excited that Loretta will be teaching her feathered star. Marsha also showed a great new way to approach miniature quilts. Really cool.
I hope everyone can get out to this show. It is a nice size and there are cool vendors. Not just us. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Potato fabric etc.

I had so many requests for potato fabric and tater batting. I hadn't seen the tater batting at Schenks but they had it today. So of course it had to come to the shop. The nice people at Schenks gave me a whole bunch of free patterns too. The neat thing about tater batting is that you can use if for any food purpose. Corn, tortillas and potatoes....I am hungry.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Lots of new fabric arrived today! Here are just a few of the bolts that arrived. Yipee!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stitches in Bloom

I have decided that nothing ever happens at The Cotton Patch without us scrambling around, pulling our collective hair out and sliding into home. Yesterday, we were invited to take part in The Oregon Garden, Stitches in Bloom Quilt show. I thought we were not going to be able because the all the spaces were filled. A spot opened up and we will be there. We have a ton of stuff to do and I am so thankful that Renee is there to cut and package all we are taking. Debi and Lauren are organizing. I get to do all the other stuff like ordering and fretting. I think our booth will be really cool. I promise I will take pictures. If you are around the dates for the show are January 27 and 28. It is a nice show and lots of fun. Now to run to the finish line.
See you soon,

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I may be getting the hang of this. I am not as cool as some but I do like to read other people's blog and maybe you do too. So I am starting to add Cool Blogs at the top left. Threaded Together is my friend Debbie Douma and her daughter's blog. I have known her and her girls, well even longer than I have been quilting. They have all sort of cool things on it.
The Crafty Cupboard has great ideas. These are not so much about quilting but I find that quilters and crafters can cross pollinate. Hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.
See you soon

Happening New Year

This weekend has been really busy. Thanks to all that have been in the store. Some one noticed that our shelves are a little empty. Well it is that time where we have to count fabric. Let's just say that is not one of my favorite things. So we let the inventory work down a little. Never fear we have lots coming and some of it coming next week.

Changing the subject... I have had a chance to see Four Season's block of the Month. It will blow you away. It simply one of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen. Carol is finishing up and it will be in the shop shortly. I know she is aiming for Second Saturday. I have to toot Carol's horn a little... This very talented lady is a true artist. Her work is impeccable. I will post a picture of the quilt when it arrives in the store. I feel so very lucky that Carol is part of our team.
I am having breakfast with the girls this morning so I will say.... see you soon.