Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Christmas fabric

Another day another bunch of fabric buying. Still seems weird to be buying Christmas fabric. I did though. Really neat stuff. Today was South Seas, Henry Glass, Avlyn and Henry Glass. I was able to be the first to see the new Maywood stuff too. That was really cool. Maywood had beautiful stuff. I bought 2 lines of flannel from Maywood. One that called Warm Woolen Mittens and the other I can't remember the name but it is cream with golds and coppers. Hard to describe but it was breath taking.
The fabric manufacturers that I mentioned before had take a little more whimsical look. The colors however are traditional for the most part. Studio E was the bright and cheery. All these fabric will be coming in May, June and July. I am hoping most will be here for Sew Oregon.
Tomorrow Moda visits! I will let you all know what lines we get.


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