Monday, April 19, 2010

Motorcycles are just as heavy as you think

Once in a while I will blog about stuff that happens outside of the shop. Sunday Lee and I decided to go on a motorcycle ride. I looked over at Lee and well my motorcycle fell over. Unfortunately my ankle was caught underneath. OUCH! If you come into the shop in the next few days, you may see me hoping around with my shoe off. My ankle isn't broken but I do have a nasty sprain. My ankle lots like I am smuggling a soft ball. Good thing it isn't my sewing foot.

Other news is that I met with Moda today. Neat fabrics for fall. I did buy some more primitive type fabrics from Kansas Trouble's line End of Summer. Good basics to call on for darker quilts. I also bought new books and patterns. I love seeing all that is new and inspiring. Lots of good things are coming to the store. Now if I can just get the swelling to go down in my foot.

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  1. RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate!

    Let others baby you, and stay off it!