Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I am totally uncool, I guess.

Once in a while I read other quilt shop's blogs. I should do it more often but I don't. I realized however, that I am not "with it". There is mention of a Justin Bieber, in one of the blogs. I had to ask Lauren what/who this was. I thought Bieber was a carpet style...wait that is Berber.

I do like to see what other shops do. Not to copy them, but admire what they have done. There is so much creativity in this world and a lot of it is in quilting.

Quilting is still thought of as something little old grandmas do. Funny, I am not a grandma (yet, but I am waiting) and the grandmas I know that quilt are fun, lively and very creative. Quilting isn't the rock star of the crafting/sewing world. I really don't care. I like being uncool. It is easier way to be. Then, if someone askes me if I like Beiber I can say, no, it gets pins stuck in it. They walk away cool and I get to sew. I am totally ok with that.

See you later,

Oh and by the way spell check wants to change Beiber to Berber. I guess he hasn't become as cool as carpet.

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