Thursday, September 9, 2010


I always wait until I have a bunch of stuff to bind and then I sit there night after night binding. That sounds either lazy or wonderful depending on your point of view. From this side it is neither. It is one of those things I regret not doing on a regular basis.
My finger is sore. I know, use a thimble, duh. I do sometimes but I admit I loose them, the dogs chew them( I use leather thimbles when I can find them )or I just want to get started.
I like sewing without a thimble when my finger gets toughen up. That takes a few days of ouch. Once that middle finger gets tough then I can really fly( in a binding sense). If I would do it on a regular basis that callous would build and I would be done in no time.
Ok enough griping, I only have one more side to go and I can show it at 2nd Saturday. I should really stop blogging and get on with it. I' m going really, I mean it . Back to work. My finger is really sore. I need to get it done and stop whining. This time I mean it. Maybe if I could just find a thimble...

See you later,

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