Saturday, October 30, 2010

Other places

I was at Craft Warehouse tonight and I always see people I know. One of two things happen, they either laugh and say hey what are you doing here? or They look like a deer in the headlights.
Why do I go to other places because I can't carry everything. That is the foremost things the other of course is curiosity. What are they selling? Do they have something I haven't seen? How about their prices? Are we in touch with what is out there? All those things go through my mind when I am not looking to make a quilt.
I bought some flannel fat quarters so I can make my Aunt Doris a lap quilt. She lives in North Dakota and it gets COLD there. Anyway, Craft Warehouse had some very pretty pink flannels and I thought hmm I bet she will like that. I will back it with Minkee(I have that at the store).
Shopping other places is fun but I have to admit... I still like to shop at my store.
See you soon,
PS It is really OK to say hi if you see me out and about at other stores, I promise I won't make you feel bad for shopping somewhere else. I am happy when you visit me but as a quilter I like to see all the fabric too.

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  1. This post makes me laugh! I always wondered if other shops send out spies to check out the competition! :) Guess you're not a spy if you freely admit to visiting other stores!!