Friday, November 5, 2010

Fireplace and silk

Today, I had some really nice carpenters stop by and fit the fireplace surround. They will install it on Monday/Tuesday. I am so happy. The second Saturday group will be the first to really see it and maybe we will be able to do a show and tell with lighting it up. It is my fondest desire to have a sewing room for our quilters to come and have a place to sew.

I have ordered silk dupioni and it should arrive any day now. What do you do with that? You can add something really special to your quilts. Of course if you are a crazy quilter(I don't mean a loony) then silks and mixed fabrics is nothing new. If you are new to using different fibers then silk and wool are great places to start. You can use silk for the whole quilt but it is extremely $$$. So just touches of sheen here and there. In that case I would use it on something that doesn't get a lot love and cuddling. A wall hanging or table topper. Silk can be washed in cold water. Just like cotton, silk and wool are natural fibers. You don't see sheep or silk worms going to the dry cleaner for their Saturday night bath. Gentle soap, cool water and line drying is all you need. You can use your cotton thread to piece and quilt.
I encourage you to try a new fiber.... who knows you might really like it.
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