Thursday, January 20, 2011

Potato fabric etc.

I had so many requests for potato fabric and tater batting. I hadn't seen the tater batting at Schenks but they had it today. So of course it had to come to the shop. The nice people at Schenks gave me a whole bunch of free patterns too. The neat thing about tater batting is that you can use if for any food purpose. Corn, tortillas and potatoes....I am hungry.


  1. Can you tell us the difference between tater batting and warm and natural?

  2. Tater batting is 100% cotton and has no scrim. Warm and Natural has a plastic scrim that is reported to melt when microwaved. Warm and Natural makes Tater batting. Also, Tater batting comes in 22"width so you don't have to buy a huge amount, just what you need.

  3. Diane! Do you, or do you plan to sell laminated cotton? I just found the greatest tutorial, for the most useful item - but it requires laminated cotton.

  4. Hi Charlene,
    I have ordered some laminated cotton from Michael Miller and Henry Glass. Just a few pieces as it goes for around $16.00 a yard. Thanks for the site I will check it out.